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With 33 Dead, North Korea Encourages Citizenry to Eat More Sprouts

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As the rest of the world continues to melt down at the sight of a bean sprout after 33 people died and roughly 3,000 others were sickened by E. coli, the cool-headed authorities in Pyongyang seem to be taking the news in stride.

In an article titled "Medicinal Effect of Bean Sprouts," KCNA, the North Korean central news agency says:

More medical properties of bean sprouts have been discovered.

The results of a recent research show that bean sprout contains saponin and vitamins good for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Some of its ingredients supply oxygen and nutritive substances to brain cells to improve cerebration.

Bean sprout also helps kill cold virus and toxicity of alcohol.

Methionine and other ingredients good for liver keep skin fair and vitamin A and C and amino acids prevent constipation.

Bean sprout is also proved to be efficacious for hypertension, arteriosclerosis and hypotension.

While the nutritive substances in bean sprouts can help "improve cerebration," KCNA also informs us that "Kangso Mineral Water Increasingly Popular in DPRK," with "mineral matters, hydrocarbon, calcium and magnesium ions" being "efficacious for chronic gastritis hypoacida, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and other diseases."

Pyongyang residents testing the efficacy of Kangso Mineral Water on their chronic gastritis
hypoacida, arteriosclerosis, diabetes...and "other diseases."
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