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How One European Company Hopes to Trick Women Into Buying More Wine

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Picture this: You're briskly ironing a blouse while towel-drying your hair, preparing for a big job interview or a reporting day with your probation officer. Bending over to straighten your tights, you grab a perfume bottle from the dresser and splash a bit on your neck and wrists before dashing to the subway. It's not until you're sitting across from your interviewer, who is sniffing the air audibly and giving you a dubious look, that you realize you smell like a wino: You've perfumed yourself with eau de Moscato. Now you're wondering whether a fictional all-night bachelorette party is the worst excuse in the world, because "the wine bottle looked like perfume" isn't sounding so great.

This modern branding nightmare is the dream of some wine bottlers in Europe, where Essentia Vitae is hoping to catch women's eyes in the wine aisle with these perfume-inspired bottles.

It's a gambit that's getting good reviews from at least some marketing experts: Datamonitor’s Product Launch Analytics named Essentia Vitae its Innovation of the Week, with team director Tom Vierhile saying the packaging "should break through the crowded product assortments that can often confound shoppers."

Seems to us it's more likely to confound the roommates and girlfriends of Essentia Vitae customers once an open bottle is sitting around the apartment. But we're not the product experts.
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