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Deficit Hawk Donald Trump Saddles Florida Deficit Hawks With Unpayable Deficit

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Boca Raton says the South Florida Tea Party owes the city "more than $6,000 for police officers and barricades deployed for the April rally that featured Donald Trump," according to the Palm Beach Post.

Tea Party Chairman Everett Wilkinson tells the paper he's "awaiting an explanation for the charges" which were about double what he expected.

"We're working on paying it," says Wilkinson. "We don't have the money right now, but we're good at paying our bills."

Now, hang on a second -- the South Florida Tea Party, the largest tea party in the state, is in debt? But, but...but...they say themselves that the entire movement started to "protest the bailouts and fiscal abuse perpetrated by the government."

Their self-proclaimed #1 goal is to "expose and stop ... out of control spending."

Even their logo manages to incorporate an anti-spending message:

Perhaps they might consider a little "vacation" of the type proposed for debtors by the Palm Beach Tea Party on Tax Day 2009:

The Broward Palm Beach New Times reports that, while the South Florida Tea Party owes Boca Raton $3,093 for police services, it's stiffing a local business -- a small business of the very type the Tea Party says is being crushed by onerous regulation and taxes.

The New Times' Matthew Hendley writes:

Boca Raton Assistant City Manager Mike Woika told the Sun-Sentinel that the Tea Party had agreed to pay the barricade company, Bob's Barricades, to block off Sanborn Square, but never did.

Make that, onerous regulation and taxes...and guys like Everett Wilkinson who don't pay their bills.

If they don't pay, Woika says "the city will have to dip into its budget for the $6,145," meaning Donald Trump and the South Florida Tea Party were directly responsible for an increase in government spending.
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