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Glad's New Product Attempts to Solve Society's Most Putrid Problem

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Glad Products Co., a Proctor & Gamble (PG) brand, is making “strides” in the field of garbage bag innovation with the release of their new product, Odorshield -- a garbage bag that boasts the ability to block the stench of your trash through the use of Febreze.

To the world of trash bags this new technology is ground-breaking, but I have to inquire, wouldn’t this just produce the same stench as if you threw away some flowers on top of a heaping pile of refuse? Wouldn't it be like spraying perfume into a dirty gym locker? (FYI:  That never works).

One may ask why a company like Glad, which dominates the market of kitchen garbage bags in the United States, would attempt to enhance the "taking out the trash" experience, especially when such an innovation will drive up the cost of the product in a market that is undoubtedly price sensitive. In an article by The Wall Street Journal titled “Gee, Your Trash Smells Terrific,” our queries are put to rest through one quite shocking statistic:

“In a poll, 76% of Americans say that trash is the smelliest thing in the house, ranking ahead of pets, shoes, husbands and kids, according to a 2010 survey done by Glad...”

Isn’t that just remarkably profound? This statistic also makes me fearful for what the other 24% answered with.

Whether you attribute this to pure laziness of a society not wanting to take out the garbage or just to a society that has extremely pungent trash, there is actually a demand for this product. According to the same article aforementioned by The Wall Street Journal, even though sales of trash bags have decreased since 2009, the sale of these new odor-blocking bags had actually increased by 2.5% over the year as of February 2011.

I'm happy for Glad, though, and hope that this latest innovation will help them sleep at night as they seek to answer one of the most perplexing questions they are faced with. Dawn Willoughby, vice president and general manager at Glad Products Co., purveys this frustration perfectly in a statement, “How can you make trash not stink? It has been a huge problem for us to solve.”

At that point, I was rendered speechless.
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