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Another CGI Baby Injects Horror into a Product

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Folks, we've plunged deep into the Uncanny Valley.

This ain't no E-Tade baby. This ain't no flock of rollerskating Evian babies. And, God help us, this ain't no Baby Genius.

Last week, a viral ad featuring a dead-eyed CGI baby was posted on YouTube. The scruffy dad plays a couple bars of the Black Keys in Ubisoft's upcoming music game Rocksmith before handing the plastic axe over to the pajama-clad tyke -- who then executes a perfect stubby-fingered rendition of the song.

And it's one of the most unsettling things you'll ever see.

Since 2009, the appeal of music games has been on a steady decline -- with The Beatles: Rock Band, Guitar Hero 5, and DJ Hero failing to meet sales projections. In February, Activision discontinued development on the Guitar Hero franchise, putting an end to a once-dominant series. Ubisoft hopes to resurrect the genre with Rocksmith, which uses an actual guitar as a controller.

Too bad this pint-sized monstrosity injects more horror into a power chord than Iron Maiden's Eddie.

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