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Sharper Image Founder Selling Gimmicky, Overpriced, Unnecessarily Complicated Home

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Richard Thalheimer, the man who brought us the foot-massaging-radar-detecting-nose-hair-trimming desk chair and the golf-club-cleaner-paper-shredder-calorie-counter telescope, is selling his San Francisco home.

The founder and former CEO of The Sharper Image is unloading the 7,750-square-foot, six bedroom, 6 1/2 bath Mediterranean-style house, located in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood, for $15 million.

According to Sarah Tilton of the Wall Street Journal, the house includes "a pool, a Jacuzzi and a six-car garage."

Other Sharper Image-worthy details:

* Touch-screens in every room turn on music while lowering the shades and check security cameras

* A statue of C-3PO in the living room made by the same company that made the props for the movie

* Life-size sculpture of "Alfred the Butler," dressed in "a morning coat and holding a silver tray laden with Snickers bars and Reese's Pieces"

* His-and-hers master suites, nine flat-screen TVs, pool, jacuzzi, six-car garage

Luxurious as it is, the Type-A Thalheimer has apparently had enough with the White-Guy Problems for a while.

"I'm so particular, I can't allow even the slightest malfunction or scratch," he told WSJ's Tilton. "There's a lot of computer systems and light bulbs and tree pruning. It's responsibility."

Sounds like someone could use an hour or two in a vibroacoustic-biofeedback-ice-maker-shiatsu-ultra-relaxation-amphibious-lounge-recliner-day-bed-chair.
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