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Federal Reserve "Undermining Economy" by Acknowledging Existence of Homosexuals

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June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month. So, the Richmond Fed is acknowledging its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees with a simple display of support:

"We are flying the pride flag as an example of our commitment to the values of acceptance and inclusion," COO Sally Green said earlier this week.

Look, Sally --- maybe your flunkies at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup don't notice when the wool is being pulled over their moneychanging eyes, but Del. Robert G. Marshall, Republican of Prince William County knows damn well what's going on.

Yes, by flying a rectangular piece of colored cloth in plain view of children, small animals, and the infirm, the Richmond Fed is further eroding the anemic financial recovery underway in this country.

The sickening, immoral show of tolerance "undermines the American economy" Marshall wrote to Richmond Fed president Jeffrey Lacker.

"What does flying the homosexual flag, or any other similar display, have to do with your central banking mission under the Federal Reserve Act passed by Congress?" he seethed.

Not-gay legislator Bob Marshall

The very presence of such an object -- in public, no less! -- demonstrates "a serious deficiency of judgment by your organization, one not limited to social issues," Marshall insisted.

However, Equality Virginia, an advocacy group made up of cretins who have the audacity to find members of the same sex attractive, says the Richmond Fed "should receive accolades for its decision to recognize and celebrate its LGBT employees, customers and vendors during Pride month."

Marshall helpfully pointed out in his letter to Lacker that that homosexual behavior is a Class 6 felony in Virginia, referring to the state's anti-sodomy statutes.

Which means, unfortunately, that Bob Marshall can't go f--k himself without running afoul of the law.
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