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Nobody Likes Their Facebook Friends That Much

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We saw it for an iPhone Transmitter. We saw it for a bare-handed catch. And once again, a viral video is revealed to be just another viral ad.

Last month, a video began circulating of a Dutch woman purportedly having her 152 Facebook friends permanently tattooed on her arm. While making a not-so-unattractive sleeve, the stunt dropped jaws and raised eyebrows as to how anyone could ever devote a permanent altar to 152 of their chums on their limb.

Well, turns out, very few would -- and YouTube user definitely didn't.

Unlike the tenuous attachment the iPhone Transmitter and the bare-handed catch have with the products they were advertising -- the film Limitless and Gillette, respectively -- the "My Social Tattoo" stunt was an ad for the webshop Pretty Social which specializes in gifts based on your Facebook circle.

Here's the press release sent to various news outlets:

The Dutch girl 152 Facebook friends tattooed on her arm was a hoax from webshop Pretty Social.

The impact of social media on our lives is enormous. People are busy with it on a daily basis. That is the approach taken by this stunt.

We are proud of our (large) social network online, that we carry with us every day through various media. Pretty Social also provides this in an offline format. We were curious about the reactions of people when we put this in an extreme form like a "tattoo."

The film was developed in collaboration with Tattoo Dex. The tattoo is a try-out tattoo, which is made by the application of Pretty Social. With this app products can be decorated with photos from the social network. The try-out tattoo looks lifelike, but after 5 days washable.

Yes, the tat only took a few hours to apply -- not the two weeks mentioned in the ad.

So, we've all been had. But at least this viral ad actually had something to do with the product it was promoting.

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