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Best Movie Theater Humiliates Annoying Customer with Anti-Texting PSA

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I can't go see a movie in the theaters anymore.

If the exorbitant costs and obnoxious teens didn't keep me away, I'm too old and too cranky to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with Chatty Cathys, Popcorn Paulies, Coughing Coreys, Loud Laugh Lonnies, and Texting Tinas. I'm far happier watching decades-old flicks on my Boxee Box and widescreen TV, with YouTube, Hulu, iTunes, and Netflix picking up the slack.

But if I lived in or around Austin, I probably wouldn't have any problem frequenting the Alamo Drafthouse.

Regarded as one of -- if not the -- best cinemas in the country, the Drafthouse has numerous amenities and amazing film showcases to keep true cinema fans coming back.

And, most importantly, a new PSA to keep undesirable customers out.

Yesterday, the Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League posted an anti-texting PSA on the cinema's official blog which features an angry voicemail from a customer who was kicked out of the theater. Solidifying himself as the greatest theater boss ever, League explains:

As many of you know, I really can't abide people who talk during a movie. A couple of years ago I was accosted in the Village parking lot by a patron who was warned for talking in a movie. I've nearly come to blows more than a few times over the years with rude customers over the same issue. When we adopted our strict no talking policy back in 1997 we knew we were going to alienate some of our patrons. That was the plan. If you can't change your behavior and be quiet (or unilluminated) during a movie, then we don't want you at our venue. Follow our rules, or get the hell out and don't come back until you can.

Recently, we had a situation where a customer persisted in texting in the theater despite two warnings to stop. Our policy at that point is to eject the customer without a refund, which is exactly what went down that night. Luckily, this former patron was so incensed at being kicked out, she quickly called the office and left us the raw ingredients for our latest "Don't Talk or Text" PSA. You can check it out below, or come to the Alamo this weekend where the video will be playing before all of our R-rated movies.

Here's the video, but be forewarned: The speech is explicit and the timbre is grating. Enjoy!

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