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Apple's New iOS 5 Notifications Inspired by Android?

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We're moments away before the Almighty Jobs takes the stage for the WWDC keynote and presents what's expected to be a very revamped iOS 5.

Of the things we're expected to see -- iCloud implementation, notwithstanding -- many are hoping (and praying!) to see an overhaul on the iPhone's notification system. Unquestionably the worst feature on an otherwise fantastic product, the current pop-up notification system is reminiscent of 1990s web surfing where an errant click would inundate a desktop with unstoppable Internet Explorer windows.

It's been a long time coming to see this rectified, and Cult of Mac purportedly has evidence that all of this is about to change.

In this screenshot from an undisclosed source, a Tweet from the witty Stephen Fry appears at the top of the screen in a status bar. This Is My Next reports that notifications "will now be handled in [a] drop down located at the top of the screen."

A pull-down window from a status bar at the top of the screen? Now, where have we seen that before?

Yes. Android.

However, rumors promise that the pull-down window will also house live widgets and an "actual window [looking] more like a white, gradient Growl notification" will appear and "slide back up in an unobtrusive manner" -- something a little snazzier than Android's current status bar and notification system.

With any luck, this new system will be leagues better than what iPhone users have suffered with for years.

But Android fans may have a chuckle or two when they see what inspired Apple's new setup.

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