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First Female Exec Editor for NYT Probably Hates the Coverage

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After hearing that the New York Times paywall was causing the paper to bleed readers and its subscription prices cost far more than those for Google, MobileMe, Dropbox, SiriusXM, Amazon, Netflix, and the Wall Street Journal, it's nice to hear some actual good news for a change.

It was reported this week that Jill Abramson -- managing editor for the New York Times -- would receive a sizable promotion starting in September. In just a few short months, Abramson will replace Bill Keller to become the first female Executive Editor in the history of the paper.

In a world with too few female CEOs or women in upper management, the move was regarded as a victory for women at a publication that has been male-run since 1851. Although the press has been in favor of Abramson and her breaking down gender lines for that position, based on an article she wrote for the New York Times in 2006, she's probably not in favor of the coverage.

The article: "When Will We Stop Saying 'First Woman to _____'?"

In the piece -- related to Katie Couric's position to become the first solo network anchorwoman on CBS Evening News -- Abramson longs for a time when the public regards a woman's foray into an all-male territory as a triumph for the individual and not her gender.

However, it's understandable if she feels slightly different in her case.

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