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VIDEO: 1966 Clip of Modern Day Computing Shockingly Accurate

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So here we are, 2011 and no flying cars, no jetpacks, no meals in a pill -- unless you count Mike and Ikes.

It would seem that the people behind Popular Science were setting us up for a big letdown come Y2K. Sure, we possess all of humanity's knowledge in the palm of our hands, but we can't make a phone call unless we're in the southwest corner of our apartment.

Google's self-driving cars can't come soon enough.

But unlike other broad-minded prognosticators of yore, the makers of the following clip had shocking foresight for a time when computers still required entire floors.

The short depicts what the future of home computing could produce. And although the devices bear less resemblance to a MacBook or a Dell than a vintage record player, their intended use is pretty accurate. Online shopping, online banking, webcams, email, multiple monitors, even a self-sustaining Internet are foretold.

While the sexism is decidedly antiquated, they nailed the convenience of a modern era.

And the user interface is only slightly worse than Microsoft Vista.

(See also: WATCH: The Today Show, Circa 1994: "What Is the Internet?")

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