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Urban Outfitters Makes Ramen "Hip" with $5 Price Tag

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In the annals of harried, last-minute gift giving, the gag gift definitely has its place. Cheap, dependable, and they usually get as much use as a regular present. But how much is wacky packaging worth to you when the regular alternative is a couple nickels away from being free at Walmart?

Taking a break from introducing yet another novelty iPhone accessory, Urban Outfitters recently began selling a bag of Tellin' It Like It Is Ramen. The product with the infuriatingly grating name is actually Ramen noodles but with a twist: The packaging has swears on it! Aside from bearing a name phonetically equivalent to an expletive, the instructions "humorously" suggest filtering your bong water before using and addresses the eater as "Dude."


But don't allow your skin to de-crawl just yet. Here's the description for the product on the official website.

Let's get really real, like uber-real - if you're eating ramen, it's because of 1 of 4 possible reasons: 1. You're too lazy to cook something of substance; 2. The phrase "Cheap, Fast and Easy" applies to you in several ways; 3. You typically drink your dinner and you don't have any money left; and 4. You have a special guest and you don't want to waste precious time eating. Thankfully, you can hand-select your reason (reasons) with Tellin' It Like It Is Ramen. But don't let the self-deprecating packaging fool you - these are honest-to-goodness ramen noodles made by one of the world's finest makers of instant noodles.

Makes you want to enter a retail location and never stop swinging, doesn't it?

But take a look at the price. BoingBoing also posted a photo of one bag in the store.

That's right. Five dollars. Apparently, ironic copy is so cost prohibitive -- even in a post-Twitter world -- that wacky packaging increases $0.25 worth of Ramen by 1,900%.

Thankfully, however, the immense markup was short-lived as it's only $1.99 on the website. So now you're only missing out on seven extra bags of regularly packaged Ramen.

And if we had that kinda money, we'd all be eating Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

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