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Infographic: Facebook Profile Pictures 101

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We try to put our best foot forward online. In the case of social networking, that means an eye-catching profile picture. For the aesthetically pleasing, that could be a beach photo or a shot into the bathroom mirror following a gym session. For the rest of us, maybe a screen cap from a movie or our favorite Tex Avery cartoon. (Guilty.)

But when Facebook is the clear leader in user photo collections, there are enough examples to see where trends lie. Who has more profile photos -- men or women? How often do we change our pictures? Who can claim to have the most comments on a single photo?

Photo discovery app Pixable set out to answer these questions and presented the results in a nice infographic. Based on over 500,000 users -- which, as we know from movie posters, that's roughly a tenth of Mark Zuckerberg's friends -- here are some interesting stats on our Facebook mugs

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