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FOR SALE: The Most Killer Piece of Real Estate in America

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No matter how hard it's been to sell your home, your day is about to get a hell of a lot better.

Because you're not trying to unload 9337 Columbia Boulevard in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Looks pretty nice -- wood burning fireplace, three bedrooms...modern kitchen with plenty of room for a murderer to fit through and kill your family:

That's where a parolee named Anthony Kelly -- now serving a life sentence -- broke into the house in 2002, killing nine year-old Erika Smith and her father, Greg Russell, before making off with a Bible and $3.

The following year, middle school principal Brian Betts bought the home for $234,000. He was unaware of the property's history because, under Maryland state law, real estate agents do not have to disclose meaningless, unimportant details to potential buyers, like...whether or not there had been a double-murder in the place immediately before you moved in.

When a neighbor told Betts what had happened, he immediately contacted Therese Cox, the broker who arranged the sale.

"He said he couldn't live there; it was too horrible," she told the Los Angeles Times in 2010.

Unable to void the sale, Cox did what any normal, well-adjusted adult would do in that situation -- she hired two ministers to perform an exorcism.

This somehow placated Betts, who lived happily at 9337 Columbia Boulevard until April 15, 2010 -- the day he was shot to death in his bedroom by 18 year-old Alante Saunders, a young man Betts met the night before on a gay sex chat line.

Betts' family returned the house to the bank, which put it up for sale -- knocking $20,000 off the asking price on May 4th.

Alas, it has yet to find a buyer.

Regardless of 9337 Columbia Boulevard's past, broker Therese Cox evidently doesn't believe in "cursed" real estate.

"Once you clean up the house, and get rid of the evidence, and make it sparkle like any other house for sale, you move on," she told a reporter. "It's over."

However, Dan Kelly, a financial consultant who lives next door, isn't quite so sure.

"I have to hope that a third time is just not a possibility," he said. "But you never know."
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