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Five Hilariously Retro Cell Phone Commercials

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What is it about decades-old cell phones that instantly make us laugh?

We don't double over if we watch a movie where someone uses a pager. We barely make a comment if a character squints into a lime-green CRT monitor. And I don't know about you, but my sides aren't split if I see a hard-nosed detective phone a client using a rotary dial.

But there's just something about a giant, barely mobile phone that cracks us up. It's the first visual gag in the trailer for Wall Street 2. It's mocked in a time-traveling episode of Fringe. And it really makes Zack Morris less cool than he thinks he is.

Perhaps it's because mobile phones are one of the fastest and most visibly evolving pieces of technology in our modern era. Sure, we can spot a few differences between a MacBook Pro and the 50-pound IBM suitcases we carried 25 years ago. But putting an iPhone or Android device beside a Motorola DynaTAC is a surefire way to impair your hearing from deafening guffaws.

And because we could always use a chuckle or two, AndroidPIT's Steven Blum compiled five hilariously retro cell phone commercials. Showcasing the bulkiness, the lack of features, and exorbitant cost, these ads will have you thanking Apple and Google -- even BlackBerry and Microsoft -- for digging us out from that bygone era.

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