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Infographic: The Eating Habits of Liberals vs. Conservatives

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Hunch continues to supply us with information we love to know within infographics that are pleasing to the eye.

In March, it asked the question "What does your email address say about you?" And we learned that AOL users are most likely to be overweight women in sweats, Gmail users are most likely to be thin snarky men who like salty snacks, Hotmail users are most likely to be suburban pessimists who peaked in high school, and Yahoo users are most likely to be child-bearing extroverts who've never been outside their own country.

In April, Hunch posed the question "Who's more educated: Mac users or PC users?" And we learned that Mac users are more likely to be younger, liberal urban-dwellers. PC users, on the other hand, are suburban, math-inclined, and less likely to hold a college degree.

And now, once again dividing the nation into two, Hunch asks the question, "What are the eating habits of liberals versus conservatives?"

Like the polarizing politics of either group, the answers probably won't surprise you.

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