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Hilarious Replies to People Emailing Oprah

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Oh, the fun you can have when you're in fifth place.

Behind Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari is the plucky browser-that-could, Opera. Headquartered out in Oslo, Norway, the people behind the browser -- Opera Software -- try to hold their own amidst seemingly insurmountable competition. Opera's definitely making solid alternatives on mobile devices like Android phones and now iPads, but it's likely coming to terms with the fact that it's not topping IE any time soon.

So, what the hell, why not have some fun?

Bearing a name close enough to Oprah's mononymous namesake, Opera naturally receives plenty of emails meant for her. And with the media juggernaut calling it quits on her long-running show, the misdirected correspondence must be really piling up.

But keeping things lighthearted rather than sighing and hitting delete, Opera actually responds -- correcting the senders and offering advice with each situation. Espen André Øverdahl writes, "We've tried to answer these emails the best we can."

Here are some of the samples the company posted on its official blog.

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