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Five Percent of Twitter Employees Look Like Non-Users

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How can you spot a non-user in a social network? You know, someone who just signed up to see what the fuss was about and didn't bother to actually use the service.

In Facebook, the person is merely a name next to a blue shadowy profile picture. In FourSquare, a non-user may show three check-ins at their home and end there. On LinkedIn, you might find a prospective employee without much experience, no job description listed, or a peer circle of one guy he interned with at Century 21. And Google Buzz, well, that's just about everyone on Google Buzz, isn't it?

But like Facebook, a non-user on Twitter is easy to spot just from their avatar: an egg against a pastel-colored backdrop. Yes, that image is still used by many users who Tweet regularly, but it shows a casual disinterest in both the service and standing out. Noble in certain situations, but not if you actually work at Twitter!

According to Shea Bennett at the Unofficial Twitter Resource, Twitter's staff number is on the verge of passing the 500 mark. Just three months ago, it was closing in on 400. A year ago, it was under 70.

But as Bennett explains -- and displays with a Twitter avatar array -- roughly 5% of the staff members never changed the default egg image.

Taking a look at the mosaic, 25 use an egg in their profile image -- though one adds a gradient and flips it upside-down. (We've found our rebellious rabble-rouser!)

Bennett writes:
"[Aren't] there far too many Twitter employees still using the default avatar? From my count it's about one in every twenty. Come on, guys -- it should be like a rule or something. Give new staff members a printout on that first morning of their very first day. Job one: get a proper avatar. Job two: make Mr. Dorsey's coffee. And so on."
But seriously, Twitter looks like a fun company to work for -- as evidenced by the Rushmore-inspired staff video. The service itself is all in good fun, too. The staff just needs to prove it 100% by separating itself from non-users and getting their mugs on the screen.

Maybe then we'll forgive you for ruining the iPhone Twitter app with the Quickbar.

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