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Apple Laptops Deemed Best by Consumer Reports

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It's a far cry from how it felt about the iPhone 4, but Consumer Reports couldn't heap enough praise on Apple's line of laptops. The consumer advocacy group ranked the various MacBook models above their competitors in nearly every category at hand.

Breaking the story, The Loop's Jim Dalrymple reported that Apple's 11-inch MacBook Air scored a 62 out 100 rating -- leading the pack in the small laptop section. Gateway trailed with a 56 and HP came in third with 49.

So much for HP being "number one plus."

Apple slew the competition in the 13-inch model category, claiming the top five spots out of seven. The MacBook Pro topped the charts with Sony and Asus bringing up the rear.

Same goes for the 15-inch and 17-inch categories. The MacBook Pro was slotted in the top three and top two spots in each respective category, however the 15-inch category did see a closer race as the PC runner-up was only three points behind.

Although Consumer Reports had its reservations about the latest iPhone model, the organization has always thought highly of Apple's computers -- ranking them high in recent years. And with these ratings coming in just as Google is on the verge of trying to shake up the industry with its Chrome OS notebooks, Mountain View has its works cut out for it.

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