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This is How Much North Korea Fears Capitalism

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The Daily NK has obtained an "education document for Party cadres" titled, with typical North Korean subtlety, "On thoroughly eliminating anti-socialist phenomena in every area of community life."

The Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Workers’ Party managed to pack a ton of anti-imperialist information into a mere 15-page treatise.

Three broad goals are laid out for readers:

“We must pull out the roots of individualism and selfishness, and firmly arm ourselves with group awareness."

“We must thoroughly eliminate the illusion of money and the illusion of foreign currency.”

“We must battle fiercely against the invasion of imperialist ideology and culture.”

The party goes on to decry the emergence of "anti-socialist phenomena" and lays out ways to combat the emergent scourge of Western thinking:

“You must find and explicate cases of the phenomenon of failing to concentrate on the revolutionary mission and trading for the purposes of earning money; the phenomenon of diverting state organ and enterprises’ materials and products or focusing solely on the organ, the phenomenon of working-age women who fail to attend work in order to trade etc.”

“Now, cadres and laborers are getting caught up in the illusion of money and foreign currency, meaning that their economic activities, morals, and worse still their ideology, are lacking.”

"We must absolutely not allow the selling in markets of items which encroach upon the state or public good, including those which spread undesirable trends, products produced by state factories and enterprises, products unhygienic or otherwise threatening to human health.”

And then, Kim Jong-Il lands the killer blow:

“Transferring imported goods to private traders and earning money through their sale in the market on the part of trade and foreign currency earning enterprises, which also helps the market to develop, must be eliminated, and selling by the entire state sector must be reinvigorated.”

But, but...what about last month's trip to the US by North Korean officials who wanted to "learn about the capitalist system?"

Or Kim Jong-Il's trip to China this week "to understand China's development?"

The document above states in no uncertain terms, those who abandon the socialist ideal risk becoming “ugly beings knowing nothing but themselves and nothing but money, an animalistic existence.”

As opposed to those gentle folks who publicly execute their own citizens in front of stadiums full of people for "crimes" like making international phone calls?

Or reading South Korean propaganda leaflets?

Or stealing $20 worth of corn, which led to the public executions of four people in a vacant lot in front of Pyongyang's Seungho-ri Cement Factory?

(To watch the video -- which may be disturbing to some -- click HERE)

Then again, maybe there's something to this whole Stalinist police state thing -- just look at how happy their soldiers are:

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