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EEOC Sues Starbucks for Firing Dwarf

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When former barista trainee and current dwarf Elsa Sallard asked her El Paso Starbucks manager for a stool, he showed her the door instead. Nearly two years after her firing, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has taken on her case, suing the coffee-pushing corporation for failing to provide reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. For its part, Starbucks claims using a stool presents a danger to customers and other employees.

As a little person, which the Little People of America defines as an adult under 4'10”, Sallard is part of an ADA protected class – at a reported 4'9”, so is “Jersey Shore” participant Snooki.

When Snooki faced similar issues working at South Beach's Lecca-Lecca Gelato Caffe, her manager gave the self-professed “smurf” a stool so she could scoop ice cream. Of course, there's no morning rush from caffeine-deprived desk dwellers at the ice cream shop. And the worst burn anyone will get is brain freeze.

"We'd hope that when considering hiring a person with a disability, Starbucks would choose to enhance its brand with the mark of equal opportunity and access," commission lawyer Robert Canino said in a statement, according to Reuters. Apparently contrite, Starbucks responded by redesigning its logo in Snooki's image earlier this year.

This isn't Starbucks' first go-round with the EEOC – the commission sued in 2007 over the firing of a bipolar barista with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. After somehow convincing Starbucks that employees prone to mood swings who have difficulty focusing should be manning the milk steamers, the agency secured a $75,000 settlement.

This time, the EEOC hopes to amass the sums due Sallard for the suffering and humiliation attendant upon anyone who loses a job after three days.
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