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Who Even Knew McDonald's Chicken Was "Italian Food"?

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If you happen to partake in the singular pleasure that is McDonald's (MCD) chicken, it turns out you've been eating "Italian" food without even knowing it.


Yes, a headline in today's Christian Science Monitor, "McDonald's chicken says 'au revoir' to Italian flavor," is followed up by the news that "McDonald's chicken will be more French and more 'neutral.'"

The article quotes McDonald’s senior director of culinary innovation Dan Coudreaut in an interview with Nation's Restaurant News, a trade publication that follows, not surprisingly, the American restaurant industry.

Apparently, the chain "is stepping away from its traditional Italian-flavored chicken (don’t worry if you never noticed) to achieve 'a more neutral flavor profile.'" To accomplish this, McDonald's is giving its chicken a "French" twist, with mirepoix, "a French seasoning made from onions, carrots, and celery, as well as salt, pepper, and 'maybe a little garlic and herb,'" Coudreault says.

He tells NRN:

"Customers increasingly want higher-quality items, which is a reality that allows me to take more risks and make flavors bolder. My fine-dining background and McDonald's desire not to stifle creativity helps me develop products customers can really enjoy."

No word as of yet on any reaction from French McDonald's aficionados:


Or that of Taliban fighters being held in Guantanamo Bay-- the only McDonald's that exists in Cuba:

Though, McDonald's already has their preferences figured out:

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