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Good News and Bad News About 3D

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First up, the good news.

Apple has released an app that simulates 3D visuals on an iPhone and iPad. Dubbed i3D, the app utilizes the front-facing camera to indicate where your head and field of vision is. In turn, the app reorients the 2D perspective on the screen to achieve a full 3D effect.

The clip of the app in action is pretty impressive, especially at the 0:47 mark where the bullseyes really appear to jump from the screen. Though the effect scores well on video, Gizmodo's Adrian Covert notes that the demos have a little difficulty keeping locked onto the user's face, causing the image to become off-kilter and thus ruining the effect. However, from Covert's opinion and the look of the video clip, there's definite promise in the technology.

Unfortunately, a nifty trick within a mobile app can't make up for the unending 3D trend taking place in our cinemas.

Which brings us to the bad news.

According to the Boston Globe, 3D films are not only becoming a requisite for studios hoping to wring every dime out of the annoying fad, they're actually ruining our 2D moviegoing experience.

Projectionists are leaving on the special 3D lenses during 2D films, causing the image to become far dimmer and devoid of colors. How much dimmer? Cofounder of Boston Light & Sound Chapin Cutler says that with the improper 3D lens, a film could be made as much as 85% darker.

But why are the projectionists leaving the lenses on? Laziness? Indifference? An understandable and forgivable hatred for a movie theater audience?

Nope. They simply don't know how, are afraid of damaging Sony's digital projector, or -- adding a healthy dose of conspiracy -- cinema managers are just "playing dumb."

So much for trying to break our ties with Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu.

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