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Judgement Day: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

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If you’re around to read this, you’ve enjoyed the weekend and have not given away all your worldly possession, quit your job or ascended to heaven.

Let’s begin by stating that we respect everyone’s religious beliefs. We’ve been lucky enough to be exposed to all aspects of religion. Judaism, Catholicism, Episcopalian...ism, and in the world of finance, Capitalism. Some would argue that IS a religion.

We decided to take a look at the financial impact of “Judgment Day.” Well, on short notice, we tried. We may have done a shoddy job of editing, but we wanted to get this out, just in case...

We've been faced with a multitude of stories about the trumpets sounding and the end of the world... today (ABC's Nightline is ran a special report on it last night). If’ you’ve gotten to this point, we’re still here.

We find this idea of the Judgment Day incredibly intriguing. No one I know sold all their stocks, quit their jobs, or gave everything away. However, this notion propagated by Harold Camping has taken over the front pages and the airwaves.

We placed a few calls to his ministry, the Family Radio Network, this morning. Our motives were relatively simple -- we run a media company and wanted them to transfer all of the assets of Family Radio to Minyanville Media Inc. Why not?

If the world is coming to an end tomorrow, why do they need to hold onto these earthly possessions? Sounds relatively logical, right?

After getting a representative on the phone, we were rebuffed as they told us any discussions were “too late.” Makes sense.

So we took our cause to the streets of New York City to find believers and ask them some simple questions. Here’s what we got.

Anyhow, we’ve asked for follow-up interviews Sunday or Monday, and while one of our interviewees almost gave in, in the end they all said it wouldn’t be possible.

We’re not making light of people’s religious beliefs, we’re simply hedging. Just in case.
POSITION:  No positions in stocks mentioned.