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Best. Rapture Prank. Ever

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Hey! Didja hear? None of what you're doing matters!

No, not because we are but a mere infinitesimal speck existing for a fraction of a moment on a cosmic stage of unquantifiable vastness and eternity.

Some loon said the Rapture's coming tomorrow!

Yes, he's been wrong before, I'll grant you that. But this time, he really, really means it!

Actually, now that I think about it, even if he guessed the last thousand numbers in the New York State Lottery correctly, you probably wouldn't have to worry about the world ending tomorrow. But don't let that stop you from donating all those soon-to-be worthless fortunes to a lowly Minyanville writer just scraping by, haranguing about smartphones, web apps, and porn.

As for the rest of you logical individuals of basic intelligence, here's a great prank to pull tomorrow while doomsayers are gazing up in the sky and quivering.

Mimicking the Left Behind series where Evangelicals ascend to Heaven and leave behind their earthly clothing and possessions, pranksters are asking folks to drape their old clothing in a strategic arrangement, appearing as if the wearers suddenly disappeared.

Gizmodo will be running a contest to choose the most creative arrangement possible. (Perhaps just a bowtie outside a male strip club?) The winners will be rewarded with, as Gizmodo puts it, "iPhone cases and s***."

Well, that's as good of a reward as any to be received tomorrow.
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