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CONFIRMED: Former Enron CFO Andrew Fastow Being Housed Across From Former Enron Field

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UPDATE: Fox News Houston has confirmed that Andrew Fastow is living at Houston's Liedel Sanctions Center.


CNN reports:

Former Enron executive Andrew Fastow has been transferred from prison to a halfway house, the last stage of incarceration before his scheduled release later this year, according to the federal Bureau of Prisons.

Fastow, who was chief financial officer at the now-defunct energy company, was moved on Monday to a facility in Houston, according to the bureau. Moving into a halfway house is a typical move for most prisoners during the last portion of their sentence.

"It's a bridge, if you will, a transition period," said bureau spokesman Edmond Ross.

The name of the halfway house to which Fastow will be serving out the remainder of his sentence (he's expected to be sprung on December 17) has not been released. But the only halfway house in Houston that has a current contract with the federal Bureau of Prisons is the Liedel Sanction Center, located at 1819 Commerce Street.

I called the Liedel Center, run by private corrections company The Geo Group, to ask if Mr. Fastow is "in residence," but was rebuffed by an officer who told me, in no uncertain terms, that "we don't give out that kind of information."

However, if Andy Fastow is, in fact, currently calling Liedel home, here's what he can expect:

1819 Commerce Street
Houston,Texas 77002
United States
Phone: 713-224-0984
Fax: 713-224-0989

Contract With: Federal Bureau of Prisons

Contract Award:

Type And Design: Minimum Security

Capacity: 190

Received Prisoners: N/A

Services/Work: N/A

Accreditations: N/A

The Leidel Comprehensive Sanctions Center provides monitoring and transitional services for 190 minimum security males and females who are serving up to the last six months of their sentences.

Home confinement is offered when the resident reaches Level 5 of the system. Residents must adhere to program restrictions of daily telephone contact and biweekly visits to the facility.

The following programs and services are available on a voluntary basis to residents:


- College-level coursework

- Vocational Training

- Employment Assistance (including resume writing, job search strategies, application assistance, and interview techniques)

- Substance Abuse Education

- Life Skills (including anger/stress management, budgeting, banking, personal hygiene, securing housing, victim impact and awareness, and Moral Reconation Therapy)

But, really -- the Liedel Sanctions Center really is the ideal location for Andrew Fastow. No, it's not the vocational training, the college-level coursework, the "moral reconation therapy" that makes it so. No, what really brings the whole thing full-circle is this:

1819 Commerce Street...

...happens to be directly across the street from...the former Enron Field:

Somehow, I doubt they've been holding Fastow's season tickets for him.
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