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Is This Amazing Video Just Another Viral Ad?

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Incredible. Unbelievable. And most certainly a hoax.

Since being posted ten days ago, the video of Evan Longoria making a split-second barehanded catch has gone viral and racked up over one million hits. Longoria, while being interviewed by an unnamed reporter, glances back at a line drive headed for the woman's noggin. In a swift move, the Rays' third baseman pulls a Jay Underwood -- please comment if you get that reference -- and catches the ball barehanded before it does any damage. Longoria shakes off the sting and says, "Keep it on the field," while tossing the ball back toward a teammate.

Between the odd artifacts around the 0:04-second mark, how he could be palming the ball in his right hand the whole time, and the fact that Powerade had a whole campaign around amazing digitally enhanced sports plays, it's most definitely fake.

But who's it for? Powerade? Gatorade? Nike?

Nope. Like the iPhone viral video from March, this spot also stretches the already tenuous relationship between ad and product and -- according to Deadspin -- is likely an ad for Gillette.

Longoria, already a Gillette spokesperson, appears with the company logo in the background. Also, as Mashable's Todd Wasserman notes, tennis ace Roger Federer appears in another similarly-staged spot for Gillette. This could easily be a part of the same campaign.

Disappointing, yes. But at least it's better than Microsoft's entire marketing campaign since Windows 95.

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