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Infographic: All That Sitting Will Kill Ya!

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You may want to sit down for this. Then immediately stand back up and do a few laps.

A byproduct by our utter refusal to exercise, prolonged sitting has been reported as a severe health risk. Sitting while on that three-hour commute, lounging while listening to your iPod, reclining while streaming videos, allowing your Microsoft Kinect to gather dust, spending day-in, day-out hunched in front of your PC at work.

It's killing us.

Stating the obvious in a beautiful infographic, Medical Billing & Coding stresses the importance of taking active breaks throughout long periods of sitting. Stretch, walk around, even jumping jacks if your office is permissive to lunacy. The infographic also cautions against sitting incorrectly and long TV sessions.

In short, your parents were right. Get off the couch and go outside!!!

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