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US Army Seeks Brewmaster to Slake Thirst of Troops (With Valid ID)

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If you've always dreamed of working as a brew master in one of the world's most revered historical beer-brewing locations -- Ft. Sill, Oklahoma -- then your ship has come in.

Applicants have until tomorrow to submit their resumes to the Army's Installation Management Command for the $22,020/yr position, in which the successful candidate will be expected to "plan and manage the day-to-day operation of a brewery" and "prepare and/or oversee the preparation of beer."

Spencer Ackerman of Wired writes:

Among the more obnoxious aspects of setting the U.S. drinking age at 21 is that someone can be a multi-tour veteran and still not be able to legally order a beer. It’s worse in Iraq and Afghanistan, where regulations prevent anyone from drinking in Muslim countries, a restriction at least one senator thinks is lame. Naturally, whatever brewery there is at Fort Sill will still have to obey domestic serving laws. But at least 21-and-older soldiers at Fort Sill will be able to register their particular tastes. (And perhaps get sudsy goodness to their younger comrades, who’d be able to order for themselves on R&R in, say, Europe.)

In any case, who needs Bavaria when there's an open job brewing beer in a place like this?

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