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The Very Best Android Smartphones of 2011

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Android's ahead of the pack and gaining steam.

With new smartphones bearing the Google OS flooding the market, Android's share may be on the rise, but it's certainly for confusing for consumers to choose among the many nearly identical devices launching each month. Should you get the HTC Thunderbolt or wait for the Motorola Bionic? Should you stick it out with T-Mobile or jump to Verizon or Sprint before AT&T takes over? Is NFC worth waiting for? 3G or 4G?

So many questions -- all mitigated by throwing up your hands and simply saying, "Eh, I'll just get an iPhone."

But those who want to stick it out with Android and its many purchase options, Android Authority mocked up a huge infographic which runs down the best Android smartphones released this year so far. The site's Glenn Santos singled out the HTC EVO 3D, Motorola Atrix 4G, and Samsung Galaxy S 2 among the very best you can buy right now.

For a complete rundown, specs and all, check out Android Authority's massive infographic:

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