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Fight Mom's Email Forwards with "Mom Spam"

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It's time to take a stand against mothers this weekend.

Yes, they birthed us, bathed us, raised us, loved us. But if we receive yet another joke email forward -- complete with Comic Sans font and quadruply indented from fellow moms, aunts, and grandmothers on AOL -- we cannot be held responsible for our reaction. There's just so much Flash animation and photos of 3D chalk drawings we can take.

But rather than blowing up and getting escorted out of the Olive Garden this Sunday, consider fighting fire with fire. Let mom know the pain of sifting through an inbox full of wacky animal match-ups and factoids like "a duck's quack doesn't echo and nobody knows why" with Mom Spam.

"YOU KNOW THOSE FORWARDS your mom fills your inbox with week after week, year after year?" the site asks with appropriate font variety. "Well, this MOTHER'S DAY, you can return the favor by using Mom Spam. A site that features all the best FORWARDS we thought were just too good NOT to pass along."

Mom Spam allows you to choose which types of emails to bombard your mother with all Sunday -- from 2011's Most Inspirational Quotes, The Best Jokes You'll Ever Hear, The World's Cutest Animals, and more. And like a version of Hell where you're force-fed doughnuts for eternity, she'll probably get the hint.

Your inheritance will probably be cut, but it just might be worth it to never see another religious motivational poster again.

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