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Google Declares War on Your Tear Ducts

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As Google was preparing its latest ad campaign, I have a feeling it came across the first 15 minutes of Up and thought, "You know, let's shoot for that." Debuting two videos thus far to promote Google Chrome, Mountain View has created a series of ads that not only tug at people's heartstrings, it completely decimates them.

Following up its memorable 2010 Super Bowl launch in the TV ad game with the "Parisian Love" tearjerker, Google continues to throw dust into the eyes of viewers with two heartfelt ads.

The first focuses on gay rights activist Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" campaign aimed at LGBT teens. The 91-second TV spot already aired this week in prime time during an episode of Fox's Glee and features people from all walks of life who survived tumultuous upbringings and are now freely living alternative lifestyles. The commercial contains cameos by Savage, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Kathy Griffin, as well as Woody from Toy Story. (Ah, there's the weepy Pixar connection!)

The second ad hits a well-tread but still-viable mode to evoke sniffles: Daddy's Little Girl.

Already approaching 200,000 views since being Monday's launch, "Dear Sophie" chronicles the birth and first few years of a little girl via the unread emails of a proud father. Attached are photos on the day she was born and the loss of her baby teeth, along with YouTube clips of her crying on a pint-sized train and blowing out birthday candles. At 92-seconds, it packs a wallop for anyone with kids or those who miss their dad.

So while Google Chrome's ascent in market share can be attributed to its performance, its ads are the reason why you're struggling to keep it together at work.

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