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Creepiest. Android Stylus. Ever.

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No words.

No words can accurately describe the horror you're about to witness. To put into text this atrocity, this ghastly phantasm spawned from pure revulsion and dread, would belittle the psychological damage one endures when witnessing this ungodly spectre.

It is the bringer of agony. Of gouged eyes and jaws locked in a rictus of unending, throat-bloodying screams. The amalgamation of Lovecraftian nightmares coalesced into a congenital abnormality.

It curves spines. It sterilizes wombs. It reduces the healthy and robust into a quivering mass of impotent flesh -- left broken and writhing in the excrement-caked back alley of a serial kidnapper's twisted psyche.

I realize I'm risking the future of this fragile species by displaying this grotesque malignancy. But it is with the hope that its recognition may prevent complacency when faced with an insurmountable pestilence of the mind.

So, with that, I give you Dominic Wilcox's Finger-Nose Smartphone Stylus.

Finger-nose stylus for touchscreen technology from Dominic Wilcox on Vimeo.

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