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Verizon, AT&T Now at the Mercy of Android App

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You get a voice plan. You get a texting plan. You get a data plan. Your monthly fees are hovering around $80, $90, maybe $100, but you're still not reaching the full capabilities of your revolutionary smartphone.

Why? Because tethering costs extra -- to the tune of $20 extra per month.

Bear in mind, you're still beholden to the data caps on your plan -- provided you didn't spring for unlimited data -- when tethering your device to a laptop. It's data you've already paid for, and yet, AT&T and Verizon want more.

But here comes the new version of PdaNet to circumvent corporate greed. With Version 3.0, developer June Fabrics Technology Inc. added a feature which hides your tethering usage from your carrier. When installing in Windows or Mac, simply check the box that will (purportedly) keep you under the radar of mobile providers. Image courtesy of Lifehacker:

Since AT&T and Verizon have begun cracking down on unauthorized tethering, now's about the time to remove an unnecessary and exorbitant fee from your bill.

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