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Osama Raid Re-Enacted in Hilarious Taiwanese CGI

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God Bless the NMA.

The Taiwanese news outfit -- which re-enacts media events with CGI characters straight outta The Sims -- may be short on satire, but its videos bring just as many laughs as The Daily Show and Colbert Report combined. Last November, NMA depicted the war between Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, and NBC with bong-smoking Conan fans, vehicular homicide, and a metaphor-heavy bear. And last night, as everyone else was tweeting their funniest "long-form death certificate" quips, NMA recreated a slightly more surreal version of the US raid on bin Laden's hideout -- rivaling South Park's blazingly fast response to Apple's location tracking scandal.

Clearly, NMA was as pleased as the rest of the world to hear the news, so be forewarned: The footage is a tad violent, but hilariously gratifying.

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