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Osama is Dead -- On a T-Shirt!

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It didn't take long for the "Osama is Dead" message to be monetized -- to the tune of $15 per t-shirt. By the end of today, we're sure to be inundated with pins, mugs, needlepoint kits and many more crafty slogans.

Among the instant offerings discovered by a San Francisco writer within hours of Obama's late-night announcement was a "Uno De Mayo, the Day Osama Was Terminated" shirt; available here.

There was also a "Ding Dong Osama's Dead" tee.

Missing in the initial list was this less-creative 3/4 sleeve "Osama is dead" t-shirt.

And this one, for the delusional, egomaniac in your life.

Finally, has weighed in with "Obama Got Osama."

Here's a mini gallery:

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I guess this makes the t-shirt below retro? Maybe even collectible?

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