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Which Android Phones Are Easiest to Hack?

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Earlier this month, Motorola was faced with the harsh reality of Android users' wants. Continually at odds with the hacking community, Motorola found that Android users don't want streaming Netflix videos or a better music app above all.

They want an unlocked bootloader to better install ROMs and custom Kernals. You know, something that lets users know they actually own the device they bought.

Sure, you can dismiss the results of a Facebook survey as being heavily swayed to the hacking community, but it does speak volumes about why many smartphone owners choose Android over iPhone: customization.

In the spirit of freely loading custom ROMs and happily overclocking CPUs, Wired's Mike Isaac listed seven of the most hackable Android smartphones. Those that made the list: HTC Nexus One, HTC Incredible, HTC Evo 4G, Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid, Samsung Nexus S, and Sony Ericsson Xperia phones.

Check out Isaac's rundown here.

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