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Motorola Plans to Go Bigger

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Although it seems like ages ago, the original Motorola Droid -- the first device to really put Android into the running against the iPhone -- launched in November 2009. Since then, scores of features and innovations have become standard in your average smartphone. Front-facing cameras, 4G network capabilities. But one prevailing feature is a slightly larger screen. Samsung's Nexus S went for a full four inches, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc extends to 4.2 inches, and HTC's Evo 4G sports a 4.3-inch diagonal. Even the iPhone 5 is rumored to boast a larger screen.

Motorola has subsequently released larger screened devices -- including the Droid X -- but kept a smaller 3.7-inch screen for the keyboard-equipped Droid 2.

But now, after remaining conservative with the display size of the original Droid line, Motorola looks to go for the full four inches on the Droid 3.

Snapped up by Global Direct Parts, leaked images purportedly show the new design to the Droid 3. Expected to launch in the late summer, the Droid 3 will also come equipped with a front-facing camera -- the first for this particular Droid line. The arrangement of navigation buttons -- which sadly never found a default placement among Android devices -- will remain the same from the Droid 2.

Boy Genius Report's Todd Haselton does point out, however, "Neither Motorola nor Verizon Wireless have confirmed the existence of this phone, so the DROID 3 remains pure speculation for now."

That being said, Motorola's Droid lines have proven to be very popular with users and critics alike. It seems pretty likely that plans are a go for the Droid 3 -- and a larger screen isn't out of the question.

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