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Four Employers Benefiting From a Weak Economy

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From the Military Officers Association of America, comes a bright spot in the dark cloud that is 9.2% unemployment:

Following a banner recruiting and retention year in 2010, the Services have continued to meet their targeted goals for both active duty and reserve forces so far this year. An April 25 DoD report on recruiting in the first half of FY2011 provided the following accession data:

Active Duty:
  • Army 34,264 accessions, 102 percent of goal 
  • Navy 16,011 accessions, 100 percent 
  • Marine Corps 11,497 accessions, 100 percent 
  • Air Force: 14,279 accessions, 100 percent
Accession numbers for reserve units were also at or above targets, save the Air National Guard, which fell just nine enlistees short of meeting its target:
  • Army National Guard, 27,426 accessions, 106 percent 
  • Army Reserve, 15,322 accessions, 112 percent 
  • Navy Reserve, 3,998 accessions, 100 percent 
  • Marine Corps Reserve, 5,081 accessions, 112 percent 
  • Air National Guard, 3,413 accessions (nine short of the goal) 
  • Air Force Reserve, 4,539 accessions, 100 percent
What's behind the strength in these numbers? The weakness in civilian employment numbers, what else?

The MOAA says:

These strong recruitment and retention rates -- driven in no small part by a protracted economic downturn and a discouraging civilian job market -- have been the Defense Department’s good fortune at a time when a decade of war has placed unprecedented stresses on the all-volunteer force.

Just like everything else, there are always two sides to each trade.

(Thanks to reader/friend/fighter jock Ted Cossette for the heads-up)
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