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And the Most Common CEO Name Is...

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According to Monica Rogati, a researcher in the analytics department of professional networking site LinkedIn, the top over-represented name among American CEOs is Peter.

A bit of deep, highly-scientific data mining in the form of a basic Google search turns up plenty of supporting evidence.

There's Alliance Bernstein's Peter Kraus:

Compuware CEO Peter Karmanos:

And peanut butter magnate Peter Pan:

Rounding out the top five are Bob, Jack, Bruce, and Fred.

As far as women chief executives are concerned, the names Deborah, Sally, Debra, Cynthia, and Carolyn are apparently more popular than any others.

Rogati points out an interesting trend her team noticed:

"Over-indexed CEO names tend to be either short or shortened versions of popular first names. Onomastics specialist Dr. Frank Nuessel  suggests that shortened versions of given names are often used to denote a sense of friendliness and openness. Female CEOs, on the other hand, use their full name to project a more professional image."

However, the monosyllabic theory doesn't travel.

The top CEO names outside the US are:

Brazil: Roberto

Spain: Xavier

Ireland: Tony

Italy: Guido (seriously)

Germany: Wolfgang

India: Larry

Oops, wait -- it's actually "Rajiv." Sorry bout that...

Anyway, there are some other interesting factoids in the LinkedIn study. More law enforcement officers go by Billy, Darrell, Pete, Rodney, and Troy than any other names. Top names in the HR field are Emma, Katie, Clair, Jennifer, and Natalie. And salesmen are overwhelmingly named Chip, Todd, and Trey.

Oh, and frontmen for jam bands:

One particularly telling stat on the list?

Certainly not the Chips and Treys in sales, which are almost prerequisites for the job, or that Thierry, Philippe, and Laurent scored the top three positions in the restaurant business.

No, it's the most popular names in engineering.

#3: Andrew

#2: Jeremy

Care to hazard a guess as to #1?

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