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Video: Hilarious Mash-Up of Super Mario Bros. and Portal

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Released last week, Portal 2 is racking up rave reviews and countless hours of gameplay for fans. The highly anticipated follow-up to the hit game earned record sales for the developer, Valve, as well as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Console gamers aren't the only ones having all the fun: Portal 2 can also be played on Windows and Mac machines.

With folks helplessly succumbing to Portal-mania, the unique gameplay has inspired equally imaginative spin-offs -- such as bookends, fuzzy dice, and now, a classic video game mash-up.

Demonstrating how the difficulty of a classic video game could be easily undercut with a modern weapon, gaming comedy site Dorkly armed our favorite Italian plumber with a Portal gun. It certainly adds some strategy, but Bowser doesn't seem so threatening any longer.

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