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iPhone App Adjusts Soundtrack Based on Your Reckless Driving

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As the high-octane fifth incarnation of the Fast and the Furious franchise premieres tomorrow, I'm willing to bet no chase sequence is scored by James Taylor or Gordan Lightfoot. Chances are, the chosen music entails a heavy dose of generic rap-infused metal and select tracks frat boys listen to just before executing a hate crime.

Still, the -- ugh -- successful movie franchise owes much of its success to those rip-roaring riffs. Each swerve, each screech, each smash accompanied by the appropriate beat. And now, Apple and BMW bring that audio symbiosis to Mini Cooper drivers.

Because, presumably, they need as much gut-busting bass as possible.

The new version of Mini Connected -- an iPhone app that syncs with Mini Coopers -- includes a feature called Dynamic Music. The feature adjusts exclusively-composed music based on your driving. Or as BMW's press release calls it, "longitudinal and lateral acceleration."

"These pieces of music adapt their rhythm and dynamic flow according to the driving style," the press release reads. "The driver can choose from a wide variety of tracks and genres using the on-board monitor and joystick."

So drive sensibly if you're into cool jazz and easy listening, and kick out the jams by swerving between lanes and zooming through red lights.

Check out the feature at work in the following video. (Scroll to 1:16)

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