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How the US Marines Keep Shivs Out of Guantanamo

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As most well know by now, Taliban fighters burrowed into Kandahar's Sarposa prison early Monday morning and sprung 488 people, or fully one-third of the inmates.

"This is a blow," government spokesman Waheed Omar told reporters. "A prison break of this magnitude of course points to a vulnerability."

Of course, prisoners detained in Guantanamo Bay don't have confederates in the neighborhood spending months digging escape routes under Col. Nathan R. Jessep's feet. So, how does the US Army prevent inmates from digging their way out?

As described by Securitas Inc. the Richmond, Virginia manufacturer of the No-Shank line of, well, un-shankworthy products.

Like this toothbrush:

From  the company's website:

Securitas' first product was NO-SHANK®, a fingertip toothbrush. This unique invention, U.S. Patent No. 5,636,405, has no handle. It makes it virtually impossible for someone to create a slashing or stabbing weapon from it. It has been described as "probably the biggest safety innovation for jails and prisons in more than 20 years". It is currently marketed to a very specialized niche of the North American toothbrush market, i.e., correctional institutions at the Federal, State and Local levels, including Juvenile systems. Securitas has placed this product in over 56% of the Department of Corrections facilities in the United States and in U.S. Marine overseas facilities, such as Guantanamo Bay, since its introduction.

There are also un-shankable pens, pencils, mirrors, razors, and drinking glasses:

Of course, at Camp Delta, detainees are probably too busy playing Sudoku to think much about escaping:

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