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Flavor Flav Leaves Bad Taste in Business Partner's Mouth

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Flav's Fried Chicken, a, well...fried chicken place opened by Flavor Flav and a fellow named Nick Cimino, is closing its doors after only four months.

In what must be a tremendous load off the minds of Clinton, Iowa's food-safety inspectors, the restaurant is no longer. And neither is the relationship between Flav and Cimino, his business partner.

Cimino calls Flav "a fraud" while Flav fires back that Cimino was not "running the business right."

Whatever the beef between the two, Flav's Fried Chicken was the realization of a dream -- or at least a half-assed idea conjured up by a human punchline and a guy slinging pizzas in Vegas -- now dashed like, like...something chicken-related or, y'know...whatever.

According to Joe Fassler of The Atlantic, "FFC started with Cimino's brother, Pete, a close friend of Flav's."

"One day, my brother went to Flav's house," Nick Cimino told him, "and Flav was frying up chicken. My brother, he had a piece of it, and said—'man, I got to start selling this out of the restaurant!' So they started selling Flav's chicken at the restaurant—strictly 99 cent wings—and they did really well."

While the above portrait of Flav leaves quite a bit to be desired, it still drew quite the crowd.

Yelp reviewer Paolo D. had this to say about his (rather greasy) brush with Flav:

"I was driving by this place on the weekend and couldn't help but notice the huge sign by the road that said, 'Flavor Flavs 99c wings.' As I drove back to the office, the wings had an extremely oily smell and I was expecting a mediocre experience. Fortunately, they were surprisingly tasty. Probably not worth 99c a piece, but pretty good nonetheless."

However, Kevin H. was wholly underwhelmed by Flav's chicken:

"It seems that Flava Flav makes some spices from home and brings a batch into the restaurant from time to time.  It's sort of confusing that they are called wings, because it is fried chicken without any sort of sauce.  They'll give you some franks red hot on the side though.  nothing special about this chicken at all really."

But the naysayers were no match for Nick Cimino's determination, his drive, his passion for fried poultry.

He recalls:

"I had a taste of it, and me and Flav really kicked it off. We became like brothers. And when I tasted his chicken, I said—'Flav, I'm going back. And I'm going to build a spot in my town. I think it'll be good for the people, good for the community, good for the area—in Clinton, we need something like this."

In today's business world, "good for the community" generally means paying your employees.

"The reason I pulled the license was because there's a lot of employees that weren't getting paid," Flavor Flav told reporters.

Cimino, who stood to collect 40% of all profits had the restaurant franchised, no longer has money on his mind.

"I'm not doing this for my 40 percent. I could care less,” he said. “I'm just glad I'm free of somebody like Flavor Flav."
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