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Mac Users Are More Educated Than PC Users, Survey Says

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Plug your ears because the match has been struck and tossed into the general vicinity of the powder keg. Although the "iPhone VS. Android" smartphone war has stolen the media limelight as of late, a recent survey by Hunch has rekindled the biggest tech battle of '80s and '90s -- Mac VS. PC.

And like a Yankee cap in Fenway, this could spark a "heated discussion."

Predicting the interests of users by collecting personal data, the site Hunch surveyed 400,000 individuals who had a preference between Apple and Windows platforms. Between March 2009 and April 2011, those folks related their personal taste on topics ranging from "How likely would you throw a party?" to "Would you rather have a Harley or a Vespa."

As expected, the results were pretty incendiary.

According to Hunch, 58% of Mac users identified themselves as liberal -- as opposed to 36% of PC users. Mac users are generally younger -- 22% more likely than PC users to be aged 18-34 -- while PC users are 22% more likely to be aged 35-49. PC users are 18% more likely to live in the suburbs and 21% live in a rural area. Fifty-two percent of Mac users, on the other hand, are urban-dwellers.

But the prickliest topic, while 54% of PC users have completed a four-year college degree or higher, 67% of Mac users can say the same.

On a whole, the Hunch survey depicts Mac users as outgoing, tech-savvy, health-conscious, and experimental with their tastes. PC users are more math-inclined, traditional in media tastes, and conservative in politics and social scenarios.

Take a gander at Hunch's infographic. Does it fall in line with your experiences?

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