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Wrong Koch Brothers Receive Death Threat From California Man Who Obviously Doesn't Know How to Use Google

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Dutch Koch and his brother own Koch Brothers, an office supply company with 65 employees in Des Moines, Iowa.

David Koch and his brother own Koch Industries, America's second-largest private company, employing roughly 70,000 people in nearly 60 countries.

The rich-as-hell Kochs (as opposed to the in-all-likelihood-fairly-well-off Kochs) have inspired deep, feverish emotions on either end of the political spectrum. And Koch (Iowa Koch, not multibillionaire Koch) tells the Des Moines Register that, since the beginning of the year, he’s received "at least 20 emails and 15 calls from confused protesters" who do not agree with the other Koch brothers' conservative (and heavily-publicized) political views.

“I initially thought it was humorous to be confused with a multibillionaire,” he said -- but then a death threat was left on his answering machine, which the FBI traced to a California man who has apparently never heard of, much less used, Google (GOOG), Bing (MSFT), Yahoo (YHOO), or any other search engine untold numbers of four year-olds have mastered.

“From time to time, we’ve been confused with Koch Industries, but it’s always been an innocent misunderstanding,” Koch (again, office supply Koch, not energy tycoon Koch) remarks.

For the record, Koch (no, not David Koch, the fifth-richest man in the world or his brother Charles, who also clocks in at #5 for a combined $44 billion between the two of them) would like the public to know that he is "not politically active."

So stop calling.
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