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Chinese Virgins Picking Tea Leaves With Their Mouths

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"It is much harder work than it looks."

So says Li Yong, a spokesman for the Jiuhua plantation in Gushi, Henan Province.

The work to which he refers involves picking tea leaves with one's lips, replacing the fairies that, according to legend, used to perform the task. Oh, and you also have to be a virgin. With a C cup -- as specified in recruitment ads the company has placed in local media.

Pay is roughly £50/day -- quite a bit of money in a country where GDP per capita is $7,400. Of course, for that kind of scratch, they don't hire just any old virgin.

In addition to being sexually unsullied and appropriately chesty, only the "purest," "cleanest," and "strongest" virgins need apply with "no scar or wound visible on her body with a uniform."

This ensures that, when boiling water is poured over the leaves, "fairies will ascend amidst steam into the sky."

Mr. Li tells the Daily Mail that pickers "have to cleanse themselves completely before they start working and perform a special exercise programme to build up their necks and lips."

Okay, now it sounds like they're pushing this thing too far...
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