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Infographic: Easiest Way to Fix a Windows, Mac, or Linux Computer

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Working in web code and graphics for a living, the creators of webcomics tend to be fairly adept with computer issues. As such, they usually have glib responses on how to address various technical problems. But in their defense, they're pestered by their parents running IE6 just as much as we are -- only they have a public forum to adequately mock them.

Take, for example, XKCD which mocked up a standard go-to flowchart with fixing a computer problem:

Simple yet abstract, this will fix the majority of glitches and errors that arise in everyday computer use.

The Oatmeal, however, has a different approach. Artist Matthew Inman breaks down the three major operating systems and offers up two-step methods on solving any problem with each. Tongue in cheek, sure. But it works.

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