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Broken iPhone? eBay Will Pay You Cash!

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For an online auction site whose first sale was a broken laser pointer, this shouldn't be surprising.

A boon to butterfingers everywhere, eBay will buy your broken Apple devices as part of an Earth Month promotion. And through April 30, the site has boosted the trade-in value of the devices to pretty sizable sums.

Launching a site for the Instant Sale program, eBay will pay $50 for a broken iPod. Glitchy iPhones will net a user $100. And a bricked iPad will garner $150. Not bad for glorified paperweights. In addition to the trade-in price, users will also get a $5 gift card to eBay and a $5 donation to an environmental organization.

And don't worry: Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7 users aren't out of luck either. Instant Sale accepts defective electronics of all shapes and sizes, but broken Apple mobile devices make up the majority of trade-ins, an eBay spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal.

The auction site is working with CExchange -- an electronics trade-in and recycling firm -- to refurbish the broken Apple devices and resell them on the auction site. CExchange gets the lion's share of the profits and eBay gets a commission. Win-Win.

One caveat, however: Your broken iPhones and iPads must be in a fixable state. Any device that can't be fixed can't be sold. So, no cash for anyone who inadvertently turned their iPod Touch into a speed bump. CExchange will still provide free shipping and recycle it without cost -- which is definitely a plus for the environment.

But that's assuming our ecosystem is in a fixable state.

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